Tuesday, December 7, 2010

1st Annual Cookie Swap!

This past Saturday my life long friend Sarah and I hosted our very first Christmas Cookie Swap!  We had a blast!!  We vowed we would definitely be doing this every year.  I made recipe books with all the cookie recipes from the party and will be sharing them with you!!  Here are a few pictures of the Cookie Swap!

Pesto Elephant Ears
Check out the Pepperidge Farms website for tons of recipes with puff pastry!!
Everyone, meet Sarah!  She is also mom to Princess Bella!

A few of our cookies on the sampling table.

This is my Mom! Love her!

Emily, Nicole, and Amy

Tanee, opening her ornament
Details of the cookie swap:
  • It was a cookie swap and ornament exchange
  • Everyone was asked to bring 7 dozen cookies: 6 dozen to swap and 1 dozen for sampling
  • Each person ended up with half a dozen of each cookie at least
  • Menu included: chicken salad (store bought), egg salad, tortellini, brie in puff pastry, several puff pastry appetizers, and much more!
  • Our signature drink was a Cranberry Cocktail: cranberry cocktail juice with champagne, yum! 

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  1. What a fun party. My friends and I were doing that in Kansas (we moved to Utah in June). I will really miss that this year. We do the ornaments as a white elephant and everyone tries to take the best one from the others, or they can just open a new one. So fun.


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