Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tanee's Crawfish Boil Birthday!

This is Tanee.  She is my soon to be sister in law!  (I'm so happy about that by the way!)  She is so amazingly sweet and I love her to death.

My brother in law, Cory had a Crawfish Boil for her birthday and I made her cake... her it is!

The cake was strawberry with strawberry buttercream, chocolate with chocolate fudge filling, italian cream cake with cream cheese filling, and blueberry lemon with lemon buttercream filling!  Whew! 

A lot of flavors I know, but I like to have a variety when I do a large cake for a small group.. more cake gets eaten that way.

Aren't they the cutest crawfish ever!?!  My favorite is their wiskers!

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